Conferences Suck


Yep .  They’re boring. Especially the financial kind.  But at least going is better than doing real work… if the food is good and it’s at the beach.

But that food is usually bad for you.  You’ll have to go on a diet when you get home.  Nobody goes to a conference for the fruit.

And getting a tan at the beach will kill you, too.  And as if that’s not enough while it’s killing you, you’ll feel guilty for skipping out on the conference…and have to pay for that food you’d get inside for free if you could stand sitting through another boring keynote.  Good god, where does it end?

Nobody wants their conference attendees thinking these things…but this is an excerpt overheard from a real conversation at a real conference.  (Yes I’m a speaker but I listen too)

But wait…what if there’s a solution?  What if those keynotes were something people wanted to attend?  Something that will bring people in from the beach (and save them from those deadly tans?)

When you want engaged, happy attendees, keynotes that rock will do the trick.  You want Traci for your stage.


Ok so I’m kidding around here just a bit….except for the part about hiring me.  When you want a great speaker that’s going to energize your audience and customize content for your group….that will for sure bring them in from the beach.  Call and book Traci today!