What is Body Language and Why Should I Care?- 3 Life Altering Reasons to Master Body Language

What is Body Language and Why Should I Care?

Have you ever been to a difficult job interview or presentation where time seems to slow down? You’d give the world to know what the others are thinking and how they perceive you, but there’s nothing but silence on the other end.

Do not let yourself shrink in front of a crowd or your future employer ever again.

It is possible to feel confident every time you perform!

It is possible to know what people are thinking and how they feel.

Enter the fleeting world of body language and become the master of nonverbal signals that people share – unconsciously – all the time.

In my years working as a body language trainer I have come to realize just how much my clients need clarity.

Body Language mastery seems like an impossible task in the beginning, but it’s simply a puzzle that comes together to give you a clear picture of the situation at hand.

In my book “How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft – Field Guide” I unravel for you each non-verbal signal, and what it means.

What is Body Language and Why Should I Care?  SECURITY

Regardless if you’re a lawyer, the bank teller or a doctor, it’s important to know when people are being dishonest. By understanding how body language works you can save the company’s image, loads of cash and even someone’s life.

It is important to know that virtually any and every organization is susceptible to lies and/or fraud. This is why it’s crucial to train your employees appropriately.

If you’re waiting for bad things to happen in order to react, you’re inviting trouble in your life. Investing in fraud detection education can turn out to be a brilliant investment.

Let’s take a look at Jenny’s experience involving a dishonest co-worker:

I have an employee (let’s call him Donny) who lies all the time. He lies about what he thinks about things— he tells other people that he thinks different things. And, his body language tells the tale.

When he lies, his eyes close to the point they are half open; he shakes his head “no” and he takes a half step back. One day I caught him red handed. We had a new client and needed to get information and documents from them so we could start work. I asked Donny to collect the info.

A week later, I asked Donny where the documents were. Because I knew his baseline, I watched as his eyes narrowed and he shook his head, taking a step back. He said he e-mailed three times, called once, and the client wasn’t responsive.

He showed all his typical signs and, this time, I knew he was lying because I was able to get into our e-mail system and see that he hadn’t sent the e-mails. —Vice President of a Design Firm.

What is Body Language and Why Should I Care? CAREER BOOST

It feels good to have control over the situation, especially if you’re engaged in a conversation with your future employer.

Did he move backwards or cross his hands while you were speaking of a touchy subject? Did his pupils dilate when you mentioned yachts?

You’re probably wondering if it’s possible to focus on their behavior and think about the right things to say at the job interview. Yes it is, but it takes some practice.

Join Our Online Body Language Training

To turn things around, you could use your body language skills to leave a great impression at that interview. You will need a great deal of focus, good eye contact and a firm handshake.

The cool part about learning body language: You can apply it to any business situation.

Make your next presentation the best experience of your career. Inspire your employees and co-workers. Identify the rotten apples before it’s too late, and learn how to deal with liars.

You will love your newly found confidence, and it won’t go unnoticed.

What is Body Language and Why Should I Care?  IMPROVED SOCIAL LIFE

It is amazing to watch a video of yourself, especially if you weren’t aware of the camera. All the facial expressions we make, our body movements and our tone of voice build rapport.

When you meet someone new you’ve got a short period of time to win them over. Did they step back when you approached them? Maybe you should move back yourself, since stepping into their zone could make them feel uncomfortable

Understanding people and how they think is the biggest step towards a better social life. It is also a step you shouldn’t take alone. Talk to me today and we can walk the path to success together.

Hopefully I answered the basics of ‘what is body language and why you should care’

It is time to step up your game. Start enjoying the life altering benefits that this skill provides.

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