That keynote speaker wants HOW MUCH?!

Of course that’s what you think when you see speaker fees.

So go ahead and hire a cheap speaker.  Here’s the top 7 reasons why you should:


1. Your attendees are foodies.  You want the talk in the hallway to be about dessert rather than the session content.  That individually made s’mores station will really build your attendees’ business, huh?

2.  You like green meetings—recycled content from old business books that is. And you want your speaker living in a van down by the river…because they’re so environmental.  Who needs to actually be successful when you can just talk about it?

3. You like results. Even bad ones.  You want your attendees thought process and business results to the THE SAME when they leave as when they got there.  Who wants to be on the leading edge, anyway?  That’s so exhausting.

4. You want your members to be well rested. Don’t worry!  Speakers without audience engagement leave plenty of time for naps in their sessions.

5. You want to work less. Wouldn’t a smaller conference next year cut your workload?  Just have irrelevant content this year delivered so that audience members want to poke their eyes out with a fork.  You’ll have so much less work next year when nobody shows up!

6. You really just want to go to the beach- this conference was just a shell of an idea so you get a free vacation.

7. You’re tired of reward and recognition – you really do not want to attract attention with everyone telling you what an amazing job you did and how great you are at speaker selection.


Co-authored with the fantastic Meridith Elliott-Powell

Ok so we’re kidding around here just a bit.  When you want a great speaker that’s going to energize your audience and customize content for your group….that will for sure bring them in from the beach.  Call and book Traci today!