Thanks for a great event, Traci!!

The Ad Club of Denver

She rocked our business developemnt group!!!

Traci gave a talk to our business development group about her “shark tank” experience. It was the perfect message to a room full of entrepreneurs. The unexpected messages and teachings she brought to the discussion were priceless. She is an asset to any team and we’re extremely thankful she came and delivered! I highly recommend her as a speaker!!!

Chris Lawhead – Denver Business Development Group
Traci has the ability to immediately capture the interest of an audience and use entertainment to inform and educate at the same time. She taught our team how to use non verbal body language to quickly build trust and rapport with our clients. Our team’s confidence is at an all time high! Thank you Traci!
Samantha Hedberg-Primerica Investments Denver, CO

“Thank you so much for presenting at our conference. Rarely do we receive member evaluations that say, ‘Please bring the speaker back.’ You rated this response. Thank you!”

– J.T., CSAE

Thanks you for your presentation.  It was very well received.

Todd Douglas – First National Banks

The group couldn’t say enough about how much they enjoyed your presentation.

Marcia Barnes – First National Banks

While I think all audiences would find your material fascinating, as financial and risk managers, our attendees were keenly interested in your subject matter.  Regrettably, far too often we must discriminate between fact and fiction, truth…and something else.

David Stong- Risk Management Association

You were one of the standouts at the event and I heard a lot of people referencing your material.  Great Job!

Mike Murphy – Service World Expo

It was awesome.  Very enjoyable

Florida Dental Association

You were your usual hit in the class room!  Thanks for coming and showing us how a professional speaker dies it! Every layer of info you provided was so valuable.

Cynthia Vannucci-Professor at Metro State Univeristy

What a totally awesome session! I learned so much. I would attend an all day session if she had one!

Society of Government Meeting Planners

“I used the techniques that Traci Brown gave me and increased my sales by 50%.  I actively listen and match the tonality and vocabulary that my clients use giving them the feeling that I get them and their needs”.

-Shannon Underwood, Wedding Merchandisers Business Association

Thanks for coming to Dallas to speak for AACWP!  All of our members loved your presentation.  Lots of valuable info.  Thanks!

Jen Ashford – American Association of Wedding Pros

Traci was engaging, fun, and the day went by quickly. Our group loved her….Informative and funny, a great combination.

Tracy Hildner – Green Bay Management Women

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the exellent presentations!!! The members loved you. Don’t be surprised if you get calls etc for more business!”

-Paul Triffet, Renissance Executive Forums

Thank you for an incredibly productive session. I now understand how truly connecting with people can make a real difference in our lives both personally & professionally.

Oscar Arellano – AkzoNobel Coatings

Thank you so much for everything you taught us. Get this.. When I was consciously thinking about using your techniques at the beginning of my appointments- and they bought!!! Every one of them!!  Thank you so much!

-Lauren Stephan, Stardust Celebrations Bridal Salon

“I’ve used the tools you taught over the last couple of days with instant results.. I landed a new distributorship in Brazil!”

-L. Paul, Lafayette, CO

Thanks for sharing this Traci! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak in Omaha; you did an amazing job!

Leslie – Municipal Clerk’s Institute

“I came out of your program a new woman.”

– E.S., American Business Women

Absolutely the cutting edge.  Stimulating approach.  Positive stuff.

Florida Dental Association

What a spectacular program!  Our team loved you.

Kelly Stevens – Fairway Management

Traci Brown provides outstanding energy

“As the president of Achieve Systems and a national author I fully recommend Traci Brown and her powerful presentations. She strongly engages the crowd and provides content that is so important to business owners and anyone wanting to accomplish success” Robert Raymond, CEO Achieve Systems

Robert Raymond – Achieve Systems

“When I got home from your Mastering Magical Persuasion talk my twin 8 yr old boys had made such a mess in the bathroom that I couldn’t even open the door.  I tried my normal ways to get them to go clean it up.
Nothing was working.  Then I remembered your Magic Words and Phrases.  When I used them I had to scrape my jaw up off the floor!  They dropped what they were doing, ran upstairs and cleaned the bathroom better than I’ve ever seen them do. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

-F. Miles, Lafayette, CO

My favorite speaker of the day was Traci Brown. She made me laugh. She made me more aware of what to look for in reading body language, something I have always been interested in. I saw the traits in by supervisors and now know I was right in not trusting them in some of the things they have told my group of peers to “trust me on this”. My scepticism was justified. I will definitely use what I learned and will pursue more knowledge in this subject. Thanks!

Anonymous – Oncology Nurses Association

“I just used your techniques yesterday and they worked like a charm!  My client was totally wigging out.  It was so bad I almost had to give her money back and send her home.  But I remembered what you taught, kept my composure and brought her down to a nice calm.  Wow!”

-S. Maltz, Denver, CO

“This is just what our team needed. You made this info fun and useable.”

-S.D., Town of Avon

Thanks so much for enlightening the Assessors.  It was a great presentation.

Karen Miller – Colorado Assessors Association

You were FABULOUS, I just wanted to say that again. Thank you so so much!  I got some great tips that I’m putting into play right away.

Meghann Conter – Denver Dames Women’s Entrepreneur Group

We were all mesmerized by your presentation at the 5280 Alliance yesterday!

Michael Knight – 5280 Professional Alliance

Traci was fun and unpredictable keeping the audience’s attention.  The room was packed.  She engaged the whole audience which raised the energy of the room.  I could have easily listened to her for several more sessions.

Society of Government Meeting Planners

“I run a hotel and have to deal with lots of finicky brides.  Right after your program a very upset bride came in and told me she was going to move her wedding from my venue.  I used your tools and by the end of our meeting, she was smiling, we were like best friends and she decided to keep her wedding at my place.  Thanks, Traci!  You saved the day!”

-M. Studebaker, Denver, CO

You Overdelivered!

Robert McKenzie – Refinish Distributor’s Alliance

Traci was awesome!!

It is hard to write a review for a body language expert as you cannot see my body language as I write this, but I am sitting up straight, smiling, and pressing my fingers in the shape of a tent in between key strokes…
Traci was engaging, funny, and had many simple and practical tips to interpret the 93% of communication that is unspoken. Thank you Traci!

Nathan Mendel -Construction Industry Network

I would absolutely love to have you back and thought the session went great. I rarely am able to stick around for the full session for any of the speakers I schedule, but I really loved yours and made sure I was there the whole time.

-M. Tallman, Associated Landscapers of Colorado

“I’ve never gotten out of a traffic ticket in my life. I got pulled over on the way home from your talk. I used the tools that you taught and the cop let me go! THANK YOU!!”

-D. Gaston, Denver, CO

“I absolutely loved your program. I’m seeing the world with new eyes and hearing it with new ears.”

-M. Steinberg, Denver, CO

Engaging, dynamic and funny!

The best part about Traci is that she leaves her audience with tangible, can-do reminders to apply the lessons she’s teaching. She spoke for my group of high-powered women business owners months ago and I’m still getting complements on how wonderful she was!

Meghann Conter – Denver Dames

Thanks so much for the insightful keynote!  I’m so glad we had a chance to meet.

Sylvia Scott – SBDC Women’s Conference

“You really captured the audience!”

– C.A., Coldwell Banker

We LOVED your presentation and getting to know you. This was a win for us all.

Marina Dagenais – 5280 Professional Alliance