Special Report: Intelligence for Online Dating

Top 7 Things That Reveal What’s He NOT Saying


I’ve learned in my 24 years of reading body language that there’s hidden meaning in everything people do and say. This is true for the things they post online, especially online dating profiles. They’re often trying to put their best foot forward to attract you. But what’s hidden in their best? Turns out, quite a lot.

How can you know what he’s NOT saying? A body language analysis of his face will give you insight into his baseline emotions and resulting behavior, most importantly how he’s gonna behave when he gets stressed. The things he’s doing and the things around him tell you his values. And values drive decision making.

I’ve applied my law enforcement level body language analysis to help ladies know how a (supposed) gentleman is going to act BEFORE they go out on a date. What follows are a few of the important things I look for that are dead giveaways on his behavior:

1. Symmetry in his facial expressions, especially his eyebrows and smile.

If ½ of his face is doing one thing and the other half is doing something else, that can signify deep, unconscious conflict. For example. If one eyebrow is pointed down towards the top of the nose, and the other is in more of a neutral position, there’s anger leading out. This isn’t always a deal killer for some ladies but it doesn’t show that he’s going to be an emotional rock for you. Lips that are curved up in a smile on one side and frowning on the other side show a similar leak of deeply unconscious mixed emotions.


2. Is he smiling at all?

This may be a sign that he’s just not great at accessing his emotions. Even when some guys try to smile it actually looks like a frown if you look at it closely.


3. Is his forehead revealing stress?

A wrinkled forehead says stress. If that’s in his first profile picture, likely he tends towards a stressful existence. If his forehead is relaxed, likely he’s more on the relaxed side.


4. What’s in the picture with him?

Is he boating or sitting on his motorcycle? If so you better like doing these things. It’s what he’s gonna end up wanting to do with you


5. Is he all alone taking his picture with his phone in a mirror?

This is code for ‘I don’t have friends I trust enough to take my picture’. If you’re after a loner type guy, he may be a real win for you. If you’re looking for someone more social he may not be a win.


6. Who’s with him?

Did he crop out his last girlfriend that he’s holding tight? Often this reveals that he’s not doing other fun things with friends on his own since they split. So he may not be that social.


7. What’s he wearing?

It he more casual and outdoorsy in a performance t-shirt and hiking pants? Or is he more flashy wearing gold chains with his shirt unbuttoned a little too much? He’s not gonna change for you and you don’t want him to!


All of these items come together to give a full picture of someone’s likely behavior.  It can be difficult to analyze for yourself when you’re shopping for guys online. Why? Because you want love, you’re more likely to not see important signs or rationalize them away. It’s nuanced and a trained eye can reveal all of these things and lots more.


That’s why you need my intelligence on your side.

So when you’re ready, sign up for my Online Dating Intelligence Program and I’ll analyze each guy specifically for you. I’ll give you quick pros and cons on him so you can make the best decision for you on if you want to go out or not. Because as you’ve probably learned sometimes it’s better to have no date than a bad date. Get off the emotional roller coaster. Know more than he wants you to BEFORE you decide to go out. It will be our secret.


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