Lawyers, why hire an expensive trial consultant? Learn how to pick and persuade the jury yourself!
You’ll learn everything in Mastering Magical Persuasion plus specifics to voir dire in:

Secrets of Successful Voir Dire:
Jury Selection and Persuasion

You, your client and the jurors are unconsciously communicating from voir dire until final judgment.  It’s your responsibility to hear what they’re telling you and then give them your message in the way they need to hear it.  The end result is a jury that’s open to what’s being said and easily influenced because deep unconscious objections are eliminated or bypassed.

This program is fun and includes lots of exercises.  Participants will leave more flexible in their communication:  seeing the world with new eyes and listening with new ears.  These skills will assist you in the courtroom, in the office and in personal life.

    You’ll learn:

  • How to get people to like you using only body language
  • How to uncover deep truths in jurors (and even witnesses)
  • How to detect lies
  • How to de-code verbal language
  • How to craft opening and closing statements to fill unspoken needs
  • Leading and pacing your jurors and the judge
  • Picking out the unconscious leader of the jury
  • Teaching your client how to get the jury to like them without saying a thing
  • The one thing to NEVER do to a juror
  • And MUCH more

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