Find Out What’s He’s Hiding In Plain Sight.

Ladies, you know how it goes. I’ve been there too.


His pictures are cute in his profile,  he texts the things that make your heart flutter.  You get your hopes up.  Only to learn he’s he hasn’t been exactly forthcoming about his lifestyle or who he is.


After the first few minutes of meeting at the coffee shop, you’re glazing over and wishing you were sitting at home on your couch watching TV with your dog.


Or worse yet, the first couple of dates go well and you slowly find out he’s got some emotional challenges that he hasn’t dealt with—and he’s creeping you out.


Hope that you’ll ever find the right guy is fading away.


What’s a girl to do? 


Isn’t there a better way to learn about a guy than putting your heart at risk with a bunch of first dates?


Of course you have to risk to find the right guy but, as I’m sure you know, internet dating is a numbers game.



Going thru that emotional roller coaster of hope, excitement and then complete letdown so often is hard.  Really hard….so hard that you’re wondering if it’s worth doing again at all.


You need a way to understand what these guys are HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT so you know what he’s all about BEFORE you risk heartbreak.


I’ve got the solution for you.  And it’s been a hobby for me, until now.


What you need is behavioral profiling intelligence on the guys you’re interested in…or who are interested in you so you know their behavioral tendencies BEFORE you risk your heart.



That’s where I come in.


I’ve been trained in body language and behavioral profiling right alongside the FBI, police and US Special Forces.



I’ve been reading body language and profiling people for almost 24 years and I’m ranked the #3 body language expert in the world.



The biggest media outlets trust me for my analysis in the world’s most important events.  You may have read my analysis in Cosmo, Time or the Wall Street Journal just to name a few.



Most of what I do for work is help big financial companies spot the lies that lead to big fraud losses.


And I work on all sorts of investigations.




How am I able to do this?  Because the Body Can’t Lie. 



I’ve been using these tools helping my friends with their online dating challenges for years.  I’ve got a 100% success rate. Up to now it’s been a hobby.  Now it’s time to put my skills to use for you finding the right guy online much, much easier.


Some of what I’ll be able to tell you from his profile pics are:


  • What’s gonna happen when he gets stressed?  Is he gonna be chilled out and a rock under pressure or is he gonna creep you out?
  • Does he have deep, emotional conflicts that will reveal themselves at inconvenient times?
  • Is leaking out hidden rage?
  • Is he genuine in his smile or is he hiding his true feelings?  Does he even tap into his feelings much at all?
  • How does he define himself?  Is he gonna be more in love with his truck or boat than he is with you?
  • Is he a stalker?
  • Or is he a genuine guy with friends and a full life?



My system has revealed guys with all of the above characteristics.


Everyone has their baggage but I’ll tell you ahead of time so you can decide if he’s a workable guy for you.


There are no absolutes but I can give you predictable expectations for his behavior.


I’ve been doing this for my friends and have a 100% accuracy rate.  Yes, I said 100%.


But wait.  I be you wanna give it a shot yourself   So I’ve got a Special Report for You.   Top 7 Things That Reveal What He’s NOT Saying  And it’s Free!

All of my clients are kept confidential.  And it turns out posting the pics of people I’m profiling for them as examples is unappreciated.

Here’s a few real life exchanges with people I’ve helped:


Ms. A, 52 years old, Louisiana

I received a profile pic from her on October 17, 2023

My analysis:

Here’s what I get on this guy.  He’s got a fake smile here.  He’s not smiling with his eyes, just his mouth.  And his right eyebrow is concerning.  See how it’s pointed sharply towards the top of his nose.  That’s anger.  His left side is much more relaxed so he’s got some big conflict in there somewhere.  You’re not going to find a peaceful, calm rock of a guy.

Have you gone out?  I’d be really careful going too deep with him.


Here’s her response:

Thank you for the quick and very informative response, Traci.

I met John for an hour during lunch on Friday. We were supposed to go out on Saturday, but I wasn’t feeling well. He called and texted a few times and I responded sporadically. But then last night and this morning, the messages started creeping me out. You nailed it!

This consulting service is indispensable! I was married 20 years to my first boyfriend and that ended in divorce 4 years ago. When all you have is a picture, an expert like you can provide valuable insights into aspects like emotional state and identify potential red flags.

Yes, this information can even impact your safety.  Because let’s face it.  You gotta be smart when you’re going out with strangers.


Here’s a true story from Ms. B, 43 years old, Denver, CO:

I told a recently divorced executive friend of mine not to go out with a particular guy that he was likely a stalker.  She ignored my advice and went out with him.  She decided he wasn’t for her and ended things…so she thought.  He proceeded to be her stalker, scaring the hell out of her.  Because she didn’t listen.  She could have stopped this before it started.  And yes I was angry about it because I warned her.

Safety can be emotional safety, too.

Here’s another true story from Ms. C, Maine

I told another friend that a guy she wanted to go out with had a lot of anger.  She decided to give it a try and go on a date.  She found out after a couple of dates that indeed he was filled with anger that leaked out at inconvenient times, like yelling at people on the phone quite frequently.  How long was it gonna be till the yelling was aimed at her?  She decided not to stick around to find out.


Are there good guys out there?  Absolutely! 

Here’s one request on October 18, 2023 from Ms. D, 65 years old in Denver:

I had the most amazing conversation last night with this guy.  He’s a big executive.  Thoughts on his pic?

My response:  I’m giving him a yes.  Nothing that shows a red flag.


And of course there’s when it goes really well 

This is a text from Ms. B. from Denver(mentioned above)

What do you think of this guy?

He’s the one!

And 6 months later she sent me this message:

We’re engaged!

She found her guy!  YES!!


Want to have these results for yourself?  Sure you do.



All I need to help you find Mr. Right:

A screenshot his profile picture. That’s it.   Why?  Chances are high he picked it out himself and he’s putting what he thinks is his best foot forward.  So this will be the most revealing.  DON’T send a picture you took, a video or the one where you think he looks the best.  It has to be the one he posted.

I’ll then get back to you ASAP with my intelligence report.  It won’t be super long but it will give you the info you need to make the best decision for you.

Ready to get the intelligence you need and have Traci on your side so you avoid heartbreak and find Mr. Right?

Intro Offer till December 1, 2023 $99 per month.

That’s less than $25 per week and you’ll get analysis done personally by Traci via text on up to 20 guys

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