You did it!!  Congrats on completing an entire month of Fraud Spotting training.


Here are the answers to the test for your review:


  1. Do you think Tonya Harding is lying or truthful?  Why or why not? 

Here’s the video link:

I believe Tonya is lying for the following reasons:


– As she answers the questions she shakes her head from side to side indicating that she doesn’t believe what she is saying.

-She distances herself from the situation by saying that she doesn’t know anything about what is happening, twice.

-She has a devilish smile as she lies to the reporter that is known as Duper’s Delight



  1. We know that Ryan Lochte lied in this video. What are the sign(s) he shows?

Here’s the video:

He’s rocking back and forth on his feet – anxiety.

He shrugs and his palms go up as he retells his story.

Lack of emotion and he pauses and stumbles and he answers. He has no emotional attachment to his story of being robbed at gunpoint in a foreign country. He shows no fear or even bravado, just emotionlessness.


  1. Is Phil Mickleson lying in this video? Why or or why not?  What are the signs that back up your analysis?

Here’s the video link:

I don’t think he is.  His head movements and his positive and negative responses match up.  He is showing fear with his wide eyes.  His tone and pace seem normal


  1. If this was the only info you had to use, who killed Jon Benet and why do you think that?

Here’s the video:

The father.


He nods his head up and down the entire time he says he did not kill Jon Benet.

The mother nods a bit at first but does a much longer shake of her head no as she says she had nothing to do with it.


  1. Is Cam Newton being sincere in his apology? How do you know?  And if you didn’t baseline him what emotion would you think he showed here?hint:  To be more accurate you may want to look up some video interviews with him

Here’s the video:

Sincerity or not is an opinion but you can form your opinion based on truth and lies

Here’s the breakdown:

He may be showing some contempt, thinking he’s superior.  BUT he pulls the right corner of his mouth back in his normal baseline behavior.

When he says his statement was degrading to women — he smirks – crooked smile.

He itches his face – Because he is an itchy liar and anxious.

He shakes his head NO when he says:

* I sincerely apologize to you. (And then sucks his lips   into his mouth.) “ LIAR!

* I try to use my platform to inspire others.“ LIAR!

* What I did was extremely unacceptable (And then he smirks again.) – LIAR!

He says to the kids, Don’t be like me. — With a smirk and a crooked smile.

To all the women, I sincerely apologize.  — He again shakes his head NO.



  1. Is Tonya being truthful about her handwriting?  Why or why not?

Here’s the video link:

Not truthful.


Her voice rises, she’s excited and angry.  She’s being forceful.

She nods YES when she says, “I did not write that.”

Her legs are crossed and she’s hugging herself like she’s tense.


  1. Of the 5 C’s of Credit, which one does this class address?



  1. How could you use body language to detect identity theft?

Asking easy questions to get a baseline and, while the rest of the meeting is going, keeping an eye out for deviations.


  1. Which will people do first when they lie?  CONCEAL


  1. Lie detection happens at the intersection of these 3 things.



  1. How many hot spots do you need to look for before you can pinpoint deception?



  1. Liars look at you  MORE


  1. Increased preening is a sign of: ANXIETY



  1. What is the most important thing to do before you can determine is someone is lying? BASELINE


  1. People least able to control: TONE



  1. Do you think OJ is lying in this interview? About what exactly?  And how do you know?

Here’s the interview transcript link:

* Yes he is lying

* He is lying about where he got the cut and what happened.

* He answers questions with another questions

* He never did answer how he got the cut on his finger

* He changes the subject to say he has guns which has nothing to do with the question of where he got his cut.


  1. Lies aren’t neurologically connected to these 2 things: EMOTIONS, TIME


  1. Do you think he sexually assaulted Taylor Swift ? Why or why not? 

  How does he feel about it?  What emotion does he leak?

Here’s the video link:


Yes, he stuttered quite a bit and did not specify right away what he didn’t do, just said I wasn’t ready.  Then said I didn’t do what they said I did.

I believe he feels a since of pride for what he did to Taylor Swift.   The telltale is his lips.  he is trying to hold back a smile–he’s happy about what he did!

And then of course there’s the picture of him with his hand on her butt.