Thanks for attending my Fraud Loss and Deception talk.  As promised, here are a few videos of famous people lying on TV.


Here’s a clip from the 1992 Winter Olympics. Tonya Harding is being interviewed regarding possible involvement in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. Here she shows a big smile immediately before answering a yes or no question.  That’s called Duper’s Delight and shows she’s lying.

And if you don’t know how to detect these lies, call to have me present a program for your group .

Wanna see how Sarah Palin looks when she’s telling a lie? Notice her shoulders shrugging.  That shows uncertainty.  And her head nods yes when she’s saying no.

Do you think she’ll be inviting Levi over for Thanksgiving dinner?


Lance Armstrong made a 2nd career out of telling the public he didn’t use performance enhancing drugs. But what does his body language say in this video? WHy is he nodding his head yes so much as he says no? Because the body can’t lie.

Notre Dame football player Manti Te’o really caused a problem for himself. Yes, he was duped into an internet relationship. After it ended with her death and he found out it was a hoax, he continued the story for another month to his Notre Dame teammates and throughout the Heisman Ceremony. In this video below, do you think he was really angry when he was told his internet girlfirend came back to life?  Notice how at certain tense points in the story he defocuses his eyes.  That can be a sign that he’s lying.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall got himself in a pinch about the Ray Rice abuse videos. Did he really not have access to them? Check out this interview and see if you can find the signs he’s lying.  Notice how he looks to his left frequently and also sticks his tongue out.  He’s also blinking his eyes more than normal here.  All can be signs of lying individually.  All seen together is a sure sign he’s lying.

To learn more about body language be sure to watch more of the videos and read the blog on this website!

And just for fun. Watch my appearance on Australia’s Hamish and Andy reality show to see how we used my deception detection skills to hunt for hidden treasure. You’ll get a kick out of it.


  1. Just saw Traci in Salt Lake City during our risk seminar for our insurance. Traci is amazing as well as a great speaker. Very engaging and great ways to detect lies and body language. Employees don’t have a chance now!!!!. I highly recommend Traci for your next speaker.

  2. Saw Tracy at the Florida National Dental Convention 2019. Very impressive tactics to detect deceitful people. A very motivational Key note speaker. Would love to see her in action once more!

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