Problem #1:  Fraud Losses Are Adding Up.


Problem #2: Your Meetings Are Boring.


Solution: Fraud Busting Body Language Expert

Traci Brown

Traci is most effective as your opening keynote speaker to set the tone for your entire event.

In person or virtual, she’ll energize your audience with eye-opening, simple & memorable techniques that can be applied immediately to detect fraud, increase the bottom line and keep you out of jail.

Every one of Traci’s talks is unique because it’s customized to fit the needs and goals of the client.

Every client wants to stop fraud loss.  Traci’s most innovative clients  use her deception detection info to increase sales….because buyers are liars. In fact studies show 60% of people think it’s socially acceptable to lie to a salesperson.  You can find out about that program here so you’re never fooled again.

If you like fun and laughs while you’re learning a serious topic, Traci is for you. (If you want dry and boring, don’t bother to get in touch)


Here’s a tip:  Virtual doesn’t mean it’s a second rate version of a live keynote.  Your attendees will be engaged and having tons of fun.


Click here for a downloadable version of Traci’s most popular keynote description.  We’ll customize it to fit your needs and open your meeting with a bang.

“Traci’s system taught my team to spot deception, and they stopped a $22M fraud loss in one transaction.”

~Anonymous for obvious reasons

Traci’s system helped my team to spot lies, engineer the deal and close the sale at $9 Billion.”

~Kept secret for good reasons 

Do you often ask yourself:


  • Is that job applicant being deceptive about their experience? Will their lies cost your company countless dollars and hours of training?

  • Is your customer telling you ALL of their needs?  Are they happy with your price point and service?


  • Can you trust that a financial manufacturer or wholesaler really does have a strong product…or do you just like their expensive whiskey?


  • What really did happen to the petty cash in your office?


  • Can you trust your partners are legit or will they show up tomorrow on the front page for the wrong reasons?


  • Is there really just one set of books?


  • Do the drawers really balance at the end of the day?


  • Are your vendors overpromising or inflating their prices to scam you?  Will the product show up on time and on spec?


  • Are you willing to do prison time for someone else’s actions?


  • Is your spouse truthful? Can you see the clues that an unfaithful partner leaves littered through your conversation?


  • Is your child really just “spending the night at Tony’s house,” or are they going to a dangerous party with no adult supervision?


  • And most importantly…did your kids eat those donuts you left on the counter? Or did the dog?

After hearing Traci speak, you’ll be better equipped to find the REAL answer to all of the questions, and MORE!

Here’s What You Need:

Traci’s Most Raved About Program

Ramp Up the Human Element of Security and Risk Management.

Knowing what’s behind the polish of the fancy suit or P&L is vital to protect you, your company and your customers.

Protect your hard-earned profits and catch would-be fraudsters before they can take away everything you’ve worked for.

Would you win a game of Two Truths and a Lie?  In this fast paced keynote you’ll learn how to use Traci’s fraud prevention system to find the liars in today’s headlines…and in your own life.

In this fast-paced keynote, you’ll discover how to use Traci’s 9-Point Fraud Spotting System to separate the lies from the truth, so you don’t innocently step into a business, life, or reputation-destroying event.

You’ll walk out knowing how to read fraudsters like a book and  Keep yourself and your company off the front page for the wrong reasons. Save yourself from financial ruin, defamation, and even jail time.

If you’re in banking, finance, audit or insurance and want a riveting, interactive experience, Traci’s keynote is for you.  

And…this info is super helpful for sales teams too.  Ask how Traci can help you stop fraud AND increase sales in one presentation!Or if you just want to print a (very awesome) info sheet that will 'Wow!' people to take to your committee meeting click here. Seriously, it's cool. Go ahead and click here anyway. »

“The feedback we received was VERY good – people really enjoyed and valued the content…plus it is so different than what we usually do for keynotes.”

~Leslie Swan Bev Cap Management

“Traci is one of the best! Her keynote will be informative, enlightening, and even fun! You don’t want to miss it!  “

~Maelynn Lewis, Colorado Community Bankers Association

“I am still stunned, in a really good way, about the luncheon yesterday. We have historically had great speakers, but you just set the bar about a meter higher.”

~Thomas R. Ripp, Esq

Some of Traci's Clients

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Risk Management Association

Farm Credit Bank of Texas

Public Risk Management Association

Association of Government Accountants

Financial Planning Association

Pro Value Insurance

National Association of Personal Financial Advisers

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Colorado Independent Bankers Association

Texas Financial Women

Hudson Insurance

Performance Bankers

South Dakota Bankers Association

American Bankers Association Education Directors Conference

Colorado Society of CPAs

Carlson Financial

Association of Governmental Leasing and Finance

Primerica Inestments

Louisiana Medical Malpractice Insurance Company

Colorado Assessor’s Association

Texas Department of Insurance

Indiana Bankers

Colorado Association of Financial Pros

Financial Services Technology Network

Dallas Financial Pros Association

Bankers Bank of the West

National Association of Credit Union Leagues

CreativeOne Financial Services

Montana Credit Union Association

Wyoming Banker’s Association

Connect Financial

Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois

NCI Insurance

Peoples Credit Union

BevCap Management

Western Banker’s Association

Alabama Bankers

Illinois Bankers Association

South Dakota Bankers Association

Tennessee Bankers Association

Florida Bankers Association

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Captive Resources

Virginia Bankers Association

Creative Women Financial and Insurance

Marshall Financial

Financial Women in Texas

Bankers Hotline Security Conference

Association for Financial Pros, AZ

Women in Financial Services

Partners in Financial Planning

New Hampshire Bankers

EPay Resources

Financial Executives International

Virginia Community Bankers

Washington Community Bankers

League of Southeastern Credit Unions

Minnesota Bankers

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors Texas



Association of Government Accountants

DorenMayhew CPA Firm

Prime Global

Chartered Professional Accountants


Multi Family Housing/Property Management

Dallas Apartment Association

Washington Apartment Association

Texas Apartment Association

Perry Reid Properties

National Apartment Association

St. Louis Apartment Association

National Association of Residential Property Managers

Multifamily Management Association

Morgan Management

Apartment Association of Metro Denver

Fairway Management

Chicagoland Apartment Association

Houston Apartment Association

Colorado Institute of Community Associations

Nashville Apartment Association

Virginia Apartment Association

Washington DC Property Managers

Denver Apartment Association

Carter-Haston Property Management

Gold-Oller Property Management

Belgarde Property

Kansas Community Bankers

Louisiana Credit Union League



Association of Corporate Council Orange County

Association of Legal Administrators

Colorado Legal Marketing Association

National Business Institute

Kansas Court Reporters Association

Los Angeles Association of Legal Admins


Law Enforcement

Major Cities Police Chief Association

California Welfare Fraud Investigators



Aires Relocation



Construction Industry Network

Construction Financial Managers Association



Hawaii Broadcasters Association

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Rhode Island Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

San Antonio Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Kansas City Chapter

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Knoxville Chapter

Colorado Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

SW Ohio Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners El Paso

Pennsylvania Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners – Omaha, NE



New York Safety Conference

Captive Resources



Colorado Auto Dealer’s Association



University of Colorado

Colorado State University

Metro State University

Hawaii Pacific University

Cal State University

Studies Weekly/Houston Schools



First Interview Network


Women’s Business Groups

American Business Women’s Association

Women in Trucking

Management Women of Green Bay

Women’s Industry Network-(Auto Body)

Camp Experience

Women’s Vision Foundation

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Business Forum Madison



MWI Veterinary


Small Business

Colorado Small Business Development Council

Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Business Marketing Association

Carbondale Chamber of Commerce

Wheat Ridge Business Association



Oil and Gas

Colorado Oil and Gas Women



PPG Coatings



Health Care Credit Union Association

National Association of Health System Pharmacists

Colorado Oncology Nurse’s Association

Colorado Medical Group Management Association

Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

American Medical Billing Association

National Imaging Association

Florida State Healthcare Investigators

Arkansas Health Care Financial Management Association



First Light Fiber

Communications Fraud Control Association


Human Resources

Society for Human Resource Management

Kentucky Society of Human Resources Management

New Mexico Public Schools Association



Club Manager’s Association

Florida Club Managers Association



Texas Assessors Association

Colorado Municipal Clerks

Town of Avon, CO

International Association of Municipal Clerks

Oklahoma Child Court Improvement Program



PSA Security Network



Court Reporting

Arkansas Court Reporters Association



Professional Fiduciary Association of California


Pest Control




Women in Trucking

School Transportation Expo



Bowling Proprietors Association


Dog Training

Sally Said So Professional Dog Training





Street Sweeping

North American Power Sweeping Association



WTA Rural Broadband


National Association of State Auditors, Treasurers and Comptrollers

Audit World

National Association of Credit Union Supervisory and Audit Committees

Credit Union Association for Internal Auditors

Association of College and University Auditors

Health Care Internal Auditors

Institute of Internal Auditors Financial Service Exchange

Institute of Internal Auditors Women in Leadership


Tennessee State Auditors

Minnesota State Auditors

Missouri State Auditors

Institute of Internal Auditors Kansas City

Institute of Internal Auditors, San Antonio

Institute of Internal Auditors


Heavy Equipment & Industrial

Associated Equipment Distributors

Women in Material Handling



White Star Corp





National Workforce Development Association

Michigan Works!

City of Broomfield Workforce Center

Greenwood Village Workforce Center


Real Estate

Keller Williams

Real Estate Insurance Exchange

Coldwell Banker

Fairway Mortgage-The Reuth Team

Alaska Realtors

Platinum Top 50



Project Management

Project Management Institute Denver

Project Management Institute Memphis



Latin America Wedding Congress

Wedding Merchandisers Business Association

Little White Dress Bridal Botique

Bonura Hospitality




Service World Expo


Service Organizations

Rotary Clubs

Lions Clubs



Line Drive Sales

The Sales Association

Sales Pros International

Boulder Embassy Suites




Hewlett Packard Enterprise



International Management Consultants


Meeting Planners

Society of Government Meeting Planners

Meeting Professionals International

Meetings Industry of Colorado

Professional Conference & Meeting Planners Association

SITE Global

MPI Dallas

Northstar Meetings Destination Caribbean

Smart Meetings

St. Louis Society of Association Execs

Northstar Meetings South Padre Island

Conference Direct


Big Data

Alliance Data


Chambers of Commerce

Southlake Chamber of Commerce

North Metro Denver Chamber

EPIC Toledo

Cherry Creek Chamber



Toledo Imagination Station



One Source Virtual



Florida Dental Association

Star of the North Dental Conference

Affordable Care Dentures & implants

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