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About Groups and Grading
Groups are a standard feature of LearnDash:


On this site they we are managing our Groups primarily via Uncanny Owl’s Uncanny LearnDash Groups plugin. The Groups plugin offers the Group Management page where you can manage who is in each group, add group users and group leaders, and grade essays and assignments.

In February 2019 Uncanny released Groups 3.0 and gave a new way to grade individual essays, but not many on one page. has created a custom system for this site to show all the certification test questions on one page, with a field for essay question feedback from the instructor.

Signing Students Up, Creating and Enrolling Groups

How do I sign up students?

To sign up new students we are first going to set up a new group to put them in:

  1. Create a new LearnDash group.

When you open an existing group or create a new one, you can see that each group has a certain amount of seats, and at least one group leader (either you need to be added as the only group leader, or it should be you AND someone from that company/organization).

2. After you set up a new group, try to open up that Group page while logged in.
(By viewing the page from the front end). Find the group registration link for that new group and copy it. Then pass that link on to the Group Leader via email.

3. Anyone going to the Group page who is NOT logged in will see a registration form and can sign themselves up into the group.

Group Leader menu


The UO Groups plugin provides the three items in the Group Leader menu: Group Management, Group Management Report, and Group Quiz Report. (We are not using LearnDash quizzes so the Group Quiz Report is not very useful currently.)

Group Management

Group Courses
– Group Courses shows courses available to the currently selected group.

Enrolled Users
– manage Enrolled Users for the selected course. Each button offers different functionality regarding Enrolled Users for the selected group.

Group Leaders
– manage Group Leaders for the selected course

This page can only be used by organizations with a valid group ID. The URL used to reach this page is not valid. Please contact your organization to obtain the correct registration URL.

Group Management Report

Report functionality for Groups