Welcome to Traci’s Fraud Spotting sample class.  This version is designed to give you a quick experience of the 22 Video class.

Are you winning the game of Two Truths and a Lie? 

You play every day and don’t even know it.


Win the game to dramatically improve your bottom lineand detect fraud before it happens.


In this 22 video  online training you’ll uncover the secrets of detecting Lies, Fraud and Identity theft that happens right before your eyes.

You will get:

  • 22 training videos emailed daily : These are short 5 minute (or less) videos. Many include video from news clips as real world examples
  • Students are asked 1 question at the end of each day’s video. Your team is busy so, yes, only one.


You’ll Also Get:

  • ‘I’d never cheat’ sheets every day which includes a summary of important points and an exercise to reinforce learning.


Here’s what you get in this sample experience:

Videos from Days 1,6 and 16  You can watch them all today!  These are the same tools used by the FBI and Police–adapted to detect fraud in financial services.

Each day’s ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet for a summary and quick exercise to experience the learning.


Ok, it’s time for you to check out the sample.  Ready….Set…Go!


Day 1 (2 videos)

Video 1
Video 2

Download Day 1 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet




Day 6

Download Day 6 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet


Day 16

Download Day 16 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet


Pretty cool, Huh?  Now you can use some of the same tools used by the FBI to spot deception in your own life.

Want the full training for yourself or your team?  Get Immediate Access Now.:


$249 per person

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