Welcome to Traci’s Fraud Spotting sample class.  This version is designed to give you a quick experience of the 21 day class.


Here’s what you get in this mini experience:

Videos from Days 1,6 and 16  You can watch them all today!  These are the same tools used by the FBI and Police.

Each day’s ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet for a summary and quick exercise to experience the learning.




Day 1 (2 videos)

Video 1
Video 2

Download Day 1 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet




Day 6

Download Day 6 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet


Day 16

Download Day 16 ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet


Pretty cool, Huh?  Now you can use some of the same tools used by the FBI in your own life.

Want the full training for yourself or your team?  Here’s the info:


Individual Certification regularly$350 per person — Discount for multiple users

And Discount for helping Traci Test the new platform $99

  • Lessons emailed each day-21 days  only 5 minutes per day
  • A gameified learning platform with a leader board for accuracy on daily review questions
  • Progress and status reports
  • Continuing education credit when applicable
  • Certification Test
  • Memo of certification or completion for personnel file


Team Facilitated Delivery Call to get custom pricing

  • Watch together at your staff meetings.
  • Staff Meetings in a Box, Designed for group watching and team exercises
  • Take the test as a group but no individual certification with this option


Just the facts:  $99 per person

Discount for helping Traci test out the new platform $59

  • Lessons emailed each day
  • Continuing education credit when applicable
  • No certification option.