Fraud Preventative Training – Keep Your Finance and Sanity Intact

Fraud Preventative Training – Why do You Need it?

If you are a company leader that hasn’t considered fraud preventative training, you are at great risk. Fraud is happening on a global level, and it can affect your business, company, and private life.

It is safe to say that fraud is more likely to happen than not. Sticking our head in the sand hoping to be safe will not keep us safe, so it’s time to get the necessary information that will help us truly combat fraud.

There are many different ways in which fraudsters operate including: identity fraud, corruption, bribery, counterfeit goods, credit card fraud, etc. Being able to spot a fraudster will help you keep both your finance and your sanity.

Traditional internal controls within organizations are not as effective as they used to be. In this digital era tricksters keep finding new ways to commit their crime.

Why Your Employees Need Fraud Preventative Training

The majority of leaders expect fraud from outside sources, but most of the times fraud happens from the inside. Your employees might have an emotional bond with some of the fraudsters, so it will be hard for them to detect the warning signs in time.

This is why it’s incredibly important to consider fraud preventative training for employees at all levels. If they acquire even the basic knowledge of fraudster schemes and how they operate they’ll be able to recognize the warning signs.

Here’s a real life story told by a Bank Manager that involves an unscrupulous behavior from one of their employees:

“I had an employee who, we found out, was stealing from her customer’s CD accounts. When a deposit came in, she’d take the money rather than putting it in the customer’s account. She would call all her customers to take care of their needs before she went on vacation so they wouldn’t call anyone else while she was gone.

We only found out when the customers came to cash in their CDs. They had no money in the account! Here’s a tip: make sure nobody takes care of a customer exclusively.” Gail Crawford—Bank Manager

Sign Up For Fraud Preventative Training Today and Learn What the FBI Already Knows

As a body language expert I have trained alongside the FBI  learning to help spot the fraudster using verbal and non-verbal tells.

I talk about this experience, and everything you need to know about mastering body language in my book ‘How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft, Field Guide.’

In my fraud preventative training I will teach you how to use some of the same tools used by the FBI. This will help you recognize the early signs of fraud and how to protect yourself, your business and your family.

Here’s a Quick Video Experience of the 21 Day Class

Discover various interrogation techniques; lower your fraud risk level; learn how to find the truth, and what tactics to use to fight against fraud.

Fraud Preventative Training – The Origins of Fraud Awareness

Anti fraud awareness in the modern sense can be dated to 2004, with the beginning of the first international Fraud Week. Ever since then, the discussion is growing, and fraud prevention is observed every second week of November under the hashtag #FraudWeek.

In ancient times, knowing if you could trust someone was, often, the difference              between life and death. Your natural instincts are still there. You feel them as hunches. So let’s put some science behind that hunch.

Join me for comprehensive fraud preventative training, and discover EVERYTHING about the subtle signs of lying.

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