“If you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it” -Vanilla Ice

(But Traci wishes she said it first)

Some fraud runs across all industries. And every industry has it’s own unique kind of fraud as well. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s ALWAYS a human element to fraud.  When you’re ready to equip your team to eliminate the fraud that happens right in front of their eyes, that they may unknowingly participate in, hire Traci to train your team.

Here’s a partial list of fraud that Traci’s programs have helped solve for her clients.  Let her customize a program to solve your problems, too.

All industries

Social Engineering
Asset Misappropriation
Is petty cash reconciled vs always a little off?
Why is cash showing up when there wasn’t any in the building?
Is a potential qualified on oracle, microsoft, linux or just homegrown?
Are top employees on their way out?
Why did a candidate  leave their last job?
Was their attendance perfect at their last job?
Qualified on equipment?
Is their resume Inflated?
Will they really pass a drug test?
Why did they miss work- Did Dad died twice this year?
Are you sure they didn’t drop fancy $100k equipment?  It really broke on it’s own?


Are they using the approval matrix for expenses or rubber stamping it?

Get to the bottom of lame excuses like:
CFO ran that report but he didn’t hit save
The outside auditors let us do it that way
We never take bad assets off the books
That 2nd set of books isn’t mine
I’d explain but you wouldn’t understand-too technical

Id theft
Fake accounts
Elder fraud
Cashing Fake checks
Fake financial statements
Are chargebacks legit?
Do drawers balance every day?
Are procedures always followed?
Why don’t the parties don’t match on closing statements?
Are dual controls always done?
Are they using loan $$ for what they say?

Accident investigations
Were they at work with injury ‘happened’
Did they do site walkaround?
Are they qualified on equipment?
Is a supervisor covering for crews?
Do they have a back strain or is it the good time flu?
What’s the truth about getting healed vs contacting a lawyer?
Were they speeding at time of accident?
Was it really a hit and run accident?
Are the weekly reports turned in?
Are they following procedures?

Sales and Purchasing
Is it the scope of work from the client?
Are they telling you their real budget?
Will the product do what they say?
Are you getting best deal?
Is this is their best offer?
Are they happy with your proposal?
Are you the last one they’re talking to?
Are customers happy with your performance?
Do they really need to talk to the committee?


Were patients truly hurt by the machine?
Why is the xray room is down?
Uncooperative patient vs looking for a payout
how did a patient’s teeth get knocked out?
Do they floss every day?
Does the patient believe they need treatment?
Did the suction get cleaned?
Does the patient have $$ for treatment?

Payroll/Accounts Payable
Fake employees
Fake vendor accounts/PO’s
Did they really paid that invoice?
Is that trip really approved for reimbursement
Was the deposit made in correct amount?