Fraud Detection Programs

Failing to protect your company from Fraud places your business at risk. It might be time to invest in something called Fraud detection programs, and create a layer of safety for you and your employees.


Body Language & Fraud Detection


Stressing out over fraudulent activities in your company can leave you wishing you had Sherlock Holmes skills to solve the financial mysteries.


Not every new employee or client will be good for your company, so in order to protect yourself and your business you will need to set some ground principles that will keep everyone safe.


As a body language expert I have trained with the FBI, and would love to share with you their techniques and tactics for detecting lies and getting the needed answers.


How does the FBI get to the truth? Three words: Body language mastery.


I have worked with hundreds of clients, and one thing is the truth in every case. YOU have to make the decision to protect your company and educate yourself on fraud detection programs. Also as a leader you carry the responsibility to educate your employees on how to prevent fraud.


In my training programs I focus on teaching the signs of deception so you can spot lies, fraud and identity theft right in front of your eyes.


The fraud that we hear about on the news is usually big Cyber crime. Most fraud loss is smaller and often within the business itself. Even when it may seem like Cyber crime there’s always a human that makes it happen.

Banking, finance, insurance and even credit unions are among many organizations that suffer greatly from fraud. This can cause loss and bankruptcy. So if the safety of your business comes first, you’ve got two options to choose from:


  • Let me share my extensive fraud detection & prevention knowledge on your next Speaking Event;
  • Sign up for my Fraud Spotting & Lie Detection online class.


Let’s examine both options a bit closely:


Fraud Detection Programs – Hiring an Expert Speaker


Being able to tell who’s dishonest will save you loads of time AND money. By the end of your event you will harness a new super power – the ability to detect lies and prevent fraud from happening.


Our learning experience will be accompanied by a lot of laughter, and Interactive games such as “True Confessions.” My teaching approach is to keep everyone focused and entertained while presenting something as serious as fraud detection programs.


In the end you will leave feeling like a human lie detector, and you’ll never see the world with the same eyes again.


And if you ever wish to refresh your lie detection knowledge, it’s all in my book “How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft, Field Guide” by Traci Brown.


Here are some real-life examples of the benefits you’ll receive after our speaking session:


  • Your knowledge of body language will shine on your next meeting when you manage to strategically influence your stakeholders;
  • Recruiting new staff members will be a breeze once you can truly“see” who you’re dealing with;
  • Your employees will be trained to deal with fraud detection & prevention;
  • You’ll save time and attract truthful clients, worthy of business by quickly recognizing and weeding out the fraudsters.


These are just a few among many benefits you earn by mastering the body language. If you wish to learn more:


Watch the 2018 Keynote Speaker Promo Video


Fraud Detection Programs – Online Class


Being a successful leader means achieving balance between your work and family.


Just imagine, each moment you waste worrying about the safety of your company and your finance could be a moment you’re enjoying with your loved ones.


In order to accommodate leaders and companies that wish to dig deeper into the body language mastery, I created Fraud Spotting Online Training.


The classes last for 21 days, and they will take you and your employees only 5 minutes a day. I know how busy the daily grind can get and we all need to appreciate each others time a bit more.


In order to allow you to experience my Fraud Spotting program, I’ve created free samples of days 1, 6 and 16. Let’s have a quick overview and discover what they contain.


Watch My Free Fraud Spotting Lessons


Day 1 – Course Introduction & How to Baseline Using Body Language


Find out more on our Fraud Spotting class, the materials and e-book you’ll receive, and prepare to get certified. In the first video we cover the 5 basic types of lies and how to detect them.


Learn from the wisdom of retired bank tellers that warn us: ‘You should know your people.’ This includes knowing:


  • Potential hires
  • Your team members
  • Your customers


The second video will teach you how to baseline using body language. You’ll also be able to download the “I’d never cheat’ sheet that will be a helpful reminder on your way to discovering untruthful behavior.


Day 6 – Upside Down Smile


Any person speaking to you will be in some kind of an emotional state. Knowing and understanding emotional states is extremely important because it can indicate what info they’re willing to share and even better – what they’re planning to do next.


So next time someone is trying to pitch you a new project you will be prepared to unveil if they truly believe in it, and if they’re worthy of your investment or not.


In this video we examine a real-life example from a certain pop-star that is being interviewed and being

dishonest about her marriage.


Day 16 – Deflection and Depersonalization


Learn how to recognize verbal hot spots while communicating with employees and clients. The technique of detecting verbal hot spots comes in really handy when you’re asking people to explain themselves to you.


Watch the Fraud Spotting Promo


Full Training Options


Now that you have had a taste of what the Fraud Spotting program will cover, go ahead and dive deeper into the body language mastery.


The new knowledge you’ll posses will advance you in two ways:


You’ll be able to better protect yourself, your business and your family from deceptive behavior;

You’ll harness the skills to influence stakeholders and other leaders.


You can choose between the following options:


  • Individual Certification – single user training that earns you a certificate at the end. If you wish to include your employees in the program you get a discount and each of them gets a certificate of completion.
  • Team Facilitated Delivery – Designed for group watching, with your staff. You take the test at the end as a group but receive no individual certificates.
  • Just the Facts – Get the option for single user training without the certification option. Budget-friendly option that offers all the lessons you’ll need.


If you wish to learn more or begin the body language journey with your team give us a call: 303-956-3639

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