Traci Brown is the Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert. She’s spent the last 20 years reading people and uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight in crimes, politics and billion dollar business deals.
This podcast reveals the real and unpolished truth about fraud and threats to your bottom line. Episodes will include conversations with people who’ve uncovered fraud and people who’ve been victims of it. From their jaw-dropping stories you’ll learn what to do to spot fraud and protect yourself from personal and business losses. Listen or Subscribe on Apple podcasts Here


Here’s a list of some of the episodes you’ll find when you click here:


Introducing: Fraud Busting 

Traci Brown is the Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert. She’s spent the last 20 years uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight in crimes, politics and billion dollar business deals. Now she and her guests reveal stories about the real and sometimes dark truth about threats to your bottom line and how you can avoid being the next victim. Subscribe now for updates.


Pink Collar Crime: Kelly Paxton, CFE visits Fraud Busting Ep. 1

Meet Kelly Paxton, Certified Fraud Examiner and Pink Collar Crime expert. Her insightful discussion on embezzlement and how honest people make bad decisions to get money is not to be missed. Topics include if men or women are better at fraud , the crazy fraud cases she’s investigated and The Fat Finger Caper.

Jay Kennedy: Counterfeiting and Insider Threat Ep. 2

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Jay Kennedy visits Fraud Busting. He’s researched the impact of insider threat, employee theft and product counterfeiting on businesses around the globe. These crimes are difficult to detect and profitable. Discover how to spot it for yourself.

Why Good People Do Bad Things Now: Mary Kelly, Ph.D., Ep. 3

Top Economist Mary Kelly, Ph.D. visits Fraud Busting. When the economy goes down fraud goes up. In this episode we’ll talk about why good people do bad things in tough times and what we can do to get the economy back on track.

Detecting High Stakes Deception: Holly Hoffman from Survivor Season 21 Ep. 4

Holly Hoffman from Survivor Season 21 visits Fraud Busting to reveal if reality TV is real and how she uncovered deception in pursuit of the million dollar prize.

Think Like a Fraudster with Tony Sales, Britain’s Greatest Fraudster Ep.5

Known as Britain’s Greatest Fraudster, Tony stole 30 million British pounds over his career. He takes us inside the mind of a fraudster from why he started fraud when he was young to his turning point in jail and how he helps companies protect themselves now with his We Fight Fraud organization.

Inside Investment Fraud with Chuck Gallagher Ep. 6

Chuck takes us deep inside investment fraud and how to recognize the signs of it from trusted advisors. He’ll reveal how he ended up in jail and what he learned there.

Fraud in the C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett Ep 7

In this episode of Fraud Busting Traci talks with Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of the C-Suite Network about his experiences with online dating fraud, corporate fraud he got sucked into without knowing and even how to safely handle wire transfers. His view from the C-suite about fraud is eye opening.

The Psychology of Being Defrauded- Christine Parma ep 8

Christine Parma visits Fraud Busting. As an investment advisor she was a victim of a Ponzi scheme. She sold it to clients and invested money herself. She’s dug deep and uncovered the mindset and beliefs of allowing yourself to be defrauded. Listen for the 4 steps to help you strengthen and trust yourself so you won’t be taken advantage of again.

Patterns of Fraudsters with Jacque James, CFE Ep 9

Jacque James, Certified Fraud Examiner visits Fraud Busting. She talks about some of the most high dollar fraud schemes she helped uncover and reveal the 4 step fraud prevention process she developed for businesses. She’ll also give us one powerful question to ask to interview job candidates to gauge their integrity before you hire them.