You've Seen Traci Here

Traci Brown is the Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert. She’s spent the last 24 years reading people and uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight.

She’s trusted by the media worldwide to reveal the truth in crimes, politics and billion dollar business deals.

With Traci on your show, you’ll get real and unbiased analysis of who’s lying and who’s telling the truth, all with her signature wit.

Want to interview Traci? 

Sure you do! 

Just email her directly

or call 303-956-3693  (Yes she picks up the phone).



And when you can’t get enough of Traci, she’s got her own media projects as well.  She’s the executive producer of a new TV series, Truth, Lies and Coverups.  Here’s the trailer:


And of course, listen to her Truth, Lies and Coverups Podcast


Episodes  include fascinating conversations with criminals, victims and law enforcement. From their jaw-dropping stories you’ll learn what to do to find the truth and protect yourself from personal and business losses. Listen and Subscribe on Apple podcasts Here  

And you can find the show on Spotify here

Here’s a list of some of the episodes you’ll find.  If you’d like to see the interview video or read the transcripts be sure to check out my blog.

Some of the guests include

Mark McClish–The FBI Agent who used forensic linguistics to catch the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

Javier Pena and Steve Murphy,  The actual DEA Agents that Netflix’s NARCOS show is based on.

Steve Burgess, the digital forensic investigator who unraveled what was behind rapper 50 cent’s sex tape

FBI agent Paul Roberts who was a lead investigator in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme case.

Brett Johnson, the Godfather of US Cyber Crime

And many, many more stores that reveal the unpolished truth about fraud scams and crime that are threats to your bottom line.