Traci Brown is the Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert. She’s spent the last 20 years reading people and uncovering secrets hidden in plain sight.  She’s trusted by the media to reveal the truth in crimes, politics and billion dollar business deals.

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You’ve seen her on NBC, CBS and FOX as well as in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Morning News, The Seattle Times, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Day and Marie Claire just to name a few.


And when you can’t get enough of Traci, she’s got her own media projects as well.  She’s the executive producer of a new TV series, Truth, Lies and Coverups.  Here’s the trailer:


And of course, listen to her Truth, Lies and Coverups Podcast


Episodes  include fascinating conversations with criminals, victims and law enforcement. From their jaw-dropping stories you’ll learn what to do to find the truth and protect yourself from personal and business losses. Listen or Subscribe on Apple podcasts Here


Here’s a list of some of the episodes you’ll find.  If you’d like to see the interview video or read the transcripts be sure to check out my blog.


Pink Collar Crime with Kelly Paxton, CFE

Jay Kennedy on Counterfeiting and Insider Threat

Why Good People Do Bad Things Now: Mary Kelly, Ph.D.

Detecting High Stakes Deception: Holly Hoffman from Survivor Season 21 

Think Like a Fraudster with Tony Sales, Britain’s Greatest Fraudster 

Inside Investment Fraud with Chuck Gallagher

Fraud in the C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett

The Psychology of Being Defrauded- Christine Parma

Patterns of Fraudsters with Jacque James, CFE

Finding Fraud Right Under Your Nose with Susan Frew

Inside the Italian Mafia with Marisa Merico, Mafia Princes‪s‬

The Fear Factor with Carol Cambridge

Inside Cybercrime with Brett Johnson the Godfather of Internet Crim‪e‬

Online Dating Scams with Imogen Hammond-William‪s‬

FBI Interview Master Class with Chris Graha‪m‬

Inside Banking Fraud Daivd Philipp‪i‬

The Good, Bad and Ugly about Hacking with Brian Sel‪f‬

Legal vs. Ethical. Inside Enron’s Collapse with Cindy Olso‪n‬

FBI Lie Detection and interrogation with The Lie Guy Stan Walter‪s‬

Busting The Iowa Lottery Fraud Case with Terry Ric‪h‬

Investigating the Cold Case of Tara Baker with Cameron Jay from Classic City Crim‪e

Behind the Scenes Secrets: Body Languag‪e‬ with Tonya Reiman

The Things You’d Never Think You’d Do with Toby Dor‪r‬

And lots more!!