For Meeting Planners

Here’s everything you’ll need to make Traci’s presentation a success




  • TravelTraci travels from Denver and prefers to make her own flight arrangements. (First class if flights are longer than 2 hours).  Hotel room reservations (non-smoking), preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, are to be secured by you, the client, guaranteed for late arrival, and should be billed directly to your organization. Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting her.
  • Traci’s AV RequirementsTraci prefers to use her own computer for power point presentations. So please don’t ask to upload her slides on your machine! 
  •  Please have a projector, screen and sound for her computer available.  If you don’t have sound, she can bring a speaker for audiences of 75 or less.  She prefers a wireless lapel mic and will need a handheld mic as well for group over 40.
  • Room Setup:  Traci does not speak from a lectern but will use it for storage on stage.… If possible  please make sure it is NOT made of clear plastic and has a shelf or two for storage.  Please have it set to the side of the stage for her presentation. Please have the screen on the side of the stage area–absolutely not in the middle. 
  • For Traci’s Body Language Confidential program, the stage setup is a bit different and we have some choices.  The perfect scenario is to have a large confidence monitor on the floor .  The 2nd option is that she’ll need a 3 foot round table with 3 chairs on stage. A hightop bar table is perfect for this.  She’ll need to run power points from her computer which will be sitting on this table.  Please make sure all AV wires are run to this table and not to the podium.  If none of these are possible, she’ll figure it out on the fly upon arrival.
  • Click here for her high resolution photo- for print
  • Click here for Traci’s low resolution photo – for the web
  • Download Traci’s intro for Liar, Liar Pants on Fire- – for in person events
  • Download Traci’s intro for Liar, Liar Pants on Fire — for virtual events
  • Download Traci’s Intro for Body Language Confidential – for in person events
  • Download Traci’s Intro for Body Language Confidential – for virtual events.


  • Download  options for Traci’s Bio- not flashy but easy to cut and paste