Traci Brown is has authored  fantastic books and resources on body language.

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Fraud Spotting Online Deception Detection Training


In this 22 video training you’ll uncover the secrets of detecting Lies, Fraud and Identity theft that happens right before your eyes.

You’ll get:

  • 22 training videos : These are short 5 minute (or less) videos. Many include video from news clips as real world examples
  • You can watch one per day or binge, it’s up to you
  • Students are asked 1 question at the end of each day’s video. You’re busy so, yes, only one.

You’ll Also Get:

  • ‘I’d never cheat’ sheets for every video which includes a summary of important points and an exercise to reinforce learning.

This info helped stop a $22M fraud case.  It will help you prevent loss too!

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Want to Sample Fraud Spotting Training first? No Problem!

Here’s what you get in this sample experience:

Videos from Days 1,6 and 16  You can watch them all today!  These are the same tools used by the FBI and Police–adapted to detect lies and fraud.

Each day’s ‘I’d Never Cheat’ Sheet for a summary and quick exercise to experience the learning. You’re gonna love it.

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How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft:  Field GuideFieldGuideBookImage-254x300


Are you winning the game of Two Truths and a Lie?

You play every day and don’t even know it.


Win the game with your clients, boss, team  and prospects to dramatically

 improve your bottom line…and detect fraud before it happens.

Do they really like your proposal? Do they like the job you did?

Are they telling you the truth about their budget and P&L?

Are they telling you all of their needs?

Are they really who they say they are in the first place?

And most importantly, did your kids eat those donuts … or did the dog?

is quick and easy to read filed guide you’ll learn how to use the same lie detection and interrogation techniques used by the police and FBI  to  raise your bottom line by separating the lies from the truth in today’s headlines…and in your own life.


Persuasion Point:  Body Language and Speech for Influence (single book)

In this 100 page book you’ll learn:

  • How to interpret the most common body language in business negotiation
  • How to best respond so you close the deal
  • How to make yourself magnetic
  • How to guide and direct your client’s unconscious mind toward purchasing from you
  • How to uncover your hidden beliefs that sabotage sales
  • How to short circuit any deal killing negativity
  • Your verbal communication preference
  • How to instantly recognize your customer’s communication preference
  • How to profile your client so you predict their behavior
  • How to answer your client’s unspoken questions
  • Exactly how to open people’s minds to your ideas
  • The template I’ve used to negotiate million dollar deals
  • And, much more!