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Romantic Body Language

We’re taught from the time we’re little that guys make the first move. That’s how you know he really likes you. Stop the presses! That’s not really true! Studies show that the ladies are really in charge. In 90% of romantic relationships, body language experts have found that the female initiated the interaction by sending…

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Mind Games – Cauliflower Man

In ABC’s short lived (now canceled) series Mind Games, brothers with shady pasts played by Christian Slater and Steve Zahn open an agency that focuses on changing other’s minds—without them knowing it. They create and implement simple psychological strategies to influence their client’s life altering situations. Are these tactics real or just made for TV?…

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Mind Games – Apophenia

Episode 4 of ABC’s Mind Games focuses on using memory reactivation and apophenia to change a congressman’s mind and also techniques to help another client to negotiate a lower price on a new car. Thankfully they didn’t focus on the characters’ romantic interests. I’ve found that plotline really takes away from showcasing the persuasion techniques…