Champions are different!  There’s a unique mental makeup that goes with excellence and success.  When your team needs a fun kick in the pants to increase their performance, Traci’s Inside the Championship Mind is for you.  Your corporate team can learn from Traci’s years in the trenches of world class competition and extensive training in mental excellence.     They’ll learn the same proven tools used by pro and Olympic athletes to propel them towards success.  They’ll leave with effective easy to use tools that will last them a lifetime.

In this fun, entertaining and informative program, participants will learn how to
create the mindset (and results!) of a champion. This is the same mindset used
by top athletes and business people.

    Attendees will:

  • Gain an understanding of their mind works and how to guide it toward success
  • Learn how your values and beliefs motivate you
  • Learn how to put goals in your future on the unconscious level so you reach them with ease every time
      These tools can be used to create results in the following areas:


  • Make More Money
  • Create a Great Relationship
  • Have More Energy and Motivation
    Brief Outline:

  • Taking 100% responsibility vs. Playing the blame game
  • Overcoming Fears and Doubt
  • Understanding the Mind/Body Connection as it relates to creating results
  • Unconscious, Results Oriented Goal Setting

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