Keynote Presentation with Traci Brown

The stakes are high in business

You need a program that will show immediate ROI in sales, service and leadership

You want a program that’s fun, funny and memorable.

You’re in the right place.

“I run a hotel and have to deal with lots of finicky brides.  Right after your program a very upset bride came in and told me she was going to move her wedding from my venue.  I used your tools and by the end of our meeting, she was smiling, we were like best friends and she decided to keep her wedding at my place.  Thanks, Traci!  You saved the day!” ~M. Studebaker, Denver, CO

About the Presentation

The most successful people in the world have one thing in common. They can use their body language to be extraordinarily persuasive. And these skills can be learned.

In this hands on program, dive deep into Strategic Body Language ™ and words for unconscious persuasion. Walk out flexible in your communication so you can direct any conversation and easily reach agreement.


You Will:

  • Become the leader in any sales situation and close the deal

  • Become the magnetic leader people are compelled to follow

  • elegantly turn the toughest customers around and retain them

  • And get your kids to behave

When You:

  • Use strategic body language to unconsciously guide any situation

  • Make sure you’re sending the right unspoken message

  • know behavior is really created

  • Use special Magic Words and Phrases to easily persuade anyone

  • Instantly profile others and speak their language

And the Great News is that This Talk Will Teach You How!

Bonus:  You’ll learn to talk your way out of a traffic ticket when you get pulled over.  Traci’s system has helped hundreds of people get out of tickets

…and you’re next!


About Traci… A body language and persuasion expert, speaker and author. She speaks globally and is a frequent guest on TV interpreting the body language in current events. She’s the author of Body Language Confidential and Body Language for Profits. Ms. Brown is a 3 time US Collegiate Cycling Champion.

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